May 5, 2021
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I don’t have any of the mod docs - much appreciated if you can send them also
sending you 961 shop manual via gmail. Do you have all the 961 modification documents? If not I can gmail them to you as well?
I don’t have any of the mod docs - much appreciated if you can send them also
Hello Hooligan67,

just get a 961 se from 2011, and looking for the workshop manual. If you can help me ...I would appreciate. My email address: didier.Ruffy at free.fr.
hope to meet you one day in the Napa valley.
Jul 18, 2020
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My dad and I have started creating some workshop manuals that accompany the NORTON Workshop Manual to help make it easier to work on the 961 Commando. It's going to take time to get to every subject matter but in time it will get there. They are in sections and some work together and some, like the Head Torque, will be in addition to the NORTON Manual for specs and patterns.

They don't cost anything and you can share them with anyone you know, but if you feel they have saved you some cash and frustration and you would like to make a donation to my paypal account that would be fantastic. This will help me justify the time it takes to create them and give them away.

If you would like me to email you a PDF copy, just PM me your email address until I can find a place to host them for free download.

What I have so far;

Fuel Tank Removal - Norton 961 (Get to battery and main fuse)
Removing Primary Side Cover - Norton 961 (Lots of reasons to get in here)
Removing Clutch Basket - Norton 961 (if you need to get to starter or check ring gear or replace clutch plates)
Cylinder Head Torque - Norton 961 (Recommended at 1,000 miles - prevent a blown head gasket)
Split Balance Gear Spring - Norton 961 (If your clutch or engine sounds noisy it's likely this)
Transmission Vent - Norton 961 (If you are blowing starter gaskets its probably this)
OIL CHANGE Transmission and Engine - Norton 961 (there is actually a lot to this)
Bulb Change - Norton 961
Cluster removal and re-install - Norton 961
(Latest update 24hr to 12hr clock)
Ignition Coil Replacement - Norton 961
Throttle Control - Norton 961
(there IS a trick to starting these bikes)
Oil in the Airbox - Norton 961 (A good read for those who may not know about this yet)
Starter Solenoid - Norton 961 (At some point in time you will need this)

I'll keep adding to this list as more are complete. I was going to wait until they were all finished but bike season is here and the last thing we need is being off the road for something we can fix ourselves. If you have anything to add or change, post it here and just general comments post them here too. Don't be shy if you feel something is missing. This is to help everyone and your feedback is the only way they will improve.

PS - This manual is more for people who have a general understanding of mechanics. If you don't have a good understanding of mechanics and are not generally inclined to take things apart just to see how they work, then proceed with caution and/or take your bike, the Norton Workshop Manual and my manuals to someone who does.
Hi Richard, I have a 2016 Norton Dominator SS. I have been riding today and the tacho was fine and all of a sudden the needle drops to the six o'clock mark and still operates but under-reads by approximately 3000rpm. Do you have a manual or a video on removing the tacho wiring connector please. Thank you for your help in advance. Rick (Queensland, Australia).