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P11 basket case

Discussion in 'Norton P11 Motorcycles' started by Junglebiker, May 27, 2018.

  1. Junglebiker


    May 16, 2018
    Also not pictured here are the various front suspension parts, hubs, spokes, (no rims yet--I'm looking for 18" flanged Akronts or similar--preferably good used ones, anybody have any?), front and rear brakes, an Atlas donor engine, transmission, oil tank, primary cases, handlebars and magneto.

    I still need a seat, a set of high pipes, fenders/mudguards (I think I know where I will get these), electrical system (I might make my own harness/loom), hand and foot controls, footpegs (might fabricate these, too), tires, lighting (I think I know what I am going to do for lights), rear shocks, primary drive chain, final drive chain, drive sprockets, and oh, a hundred other little things.

    Fun, fun, fun!
  2. mdt-son


    Jan 19, 2012
    A genuine P11 gearbox is for sale on Fleebay at the moment.
  3. Junglebiker


    May 16, 2018
    Thanks, I have a P11 transmission case and access to Commando internals, I was thinking about seeing what I could do with those, but I'll have a look at the fleabay one.
  4. Ron L


    Feb 27, 2004
    Can't use the Commando mainshaft or outer cover, but gears, layshaft, quadrant, kickstart shaft will work. Atlas, N15 mainshaft will work.
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  5. Junglebiker


    May 16, 2018
    Alright, finally made some decisions.

    --bought a new Joe Hunt mag
    --bought a new seat
    --bought a new complete exhaust system
    --splashed out and bought an NEB clutch. Thanks to MDT-SON Knut, I am aware of the lack of dampener in the NEB, however I will be running a rear wheel with a very good dampener in it. Not a Matchless or Norton wheel, prices are outta site for that stuff.
  6. Junglebiker


    May 16, 2018
    Aside from the kickstart spring, what's the difference between a pre-1962 and a post-1962 Atlas transmission?

    (I do know that an Atlas transmission will not work in a P11, at least not in it's original Norton case.)
  7. jagracer


    Apr 25, 2019
    Standard norton gearbox internals fit inside an AMC/norton shell. Use a standard Atlas mainshaft and roller bearings. I have an earlier complete matchless box, seems similar, but weaker bearings. Late Atlas clutch is fine. I had probably the last N15CS sold in the UK in December 1969, which had the points housing and coil and Capacitor ignition with double points and never any trouble. I have a 1967 N15CS in bits, and looking at fitting a Yamaha XS750 custom set of forks with twin discs. A late Triumph T140 twin disc set-up will fit as well. I have Norton Forks, but decent drum brake linings are difficult to source (as no asbestos in modern ones). I bought a front wheel for £20 off of ebay, so watch for bids finishing Monday morning early. Early Gearboxes are usually worn out, tolerances are iffy. Use all later parts if possible. Kickstart area is weak.
  8. BillT


    Jan 27, 2008
    Hey, Haven't been on the site for a while. Every large Norton, AJS and Matchless from mid 1955 on used the same gearbox. The case, however, is different between AMC (Matchlees/AJS) and Norton. Norton case has the mounting lugs at 12 o'clock and 6 o/clock. AMC boxes have those lugs at 12 and 4. The internals will work throughout the 20+ year run, as long as you match the gears from the same era. In other words, you could place the gearset from a 1974 Commando in the case of a Dominator. I believe Mike Patrick used Roadholders and a magneto on his P11 because that was what he was used to. Before he ran the P11 that is on display at Barber, he ran the earlier G15/N15 hybrid in the District 37 races. That model had the K2F and Roadholders. The P11, as raced by Patrick, used the same motor/primary/transmission in a package that was over 40 lbs lighter. By using the Roadholders and K2F, he could use the larger Norton front hub and run without a battery (I understand that there was some doubt about the reliability of the new Lucas distributor, which was standard on the P11)
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  9. Paul W


    Dec 17, 2009
    Good to have your input again Bill. Missed your wise words of knowledge.
  10. p400

    p400 VIP MEMBER

    Jul 14, 2014
    I would encourage poster to include meaningful, clear photography when posting to keep the interest up in this P11 model.

    I miss my P11.............but not the kick start.
    I'm claiming "old guy"


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