Power Commander V installed


May 8, 2019
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Thanks for the positive replies :)

Ok I had it fitted and tuned by Steve at Powerhouse Dyno on the Gold Coast (07) 5502 1822

Give Steve a call he is a very knowledgeable man and happy to assist.

This can be done by any competent motorcycle shop that deals with Power commander and has a dyno.

The Part number is 12-009 which is for a BMW f800 .
The same unit was fitted to a 961 in the UK a few months back.
I would be surprised if Dynojet will bring out a unit for our bikes due to the low build numbers.

The unit plugs straight in to the injectors , however the tps plug dosn't match but can be pozi-clipped to existing wiring, until i hunt down the right plug for the tps .
Also the oxygen sensors need to be disabled, I installed 330 ohm resistors in the plugs. so it dosnt bring up the engine light.

Richard-7 Do you have any info on the plug ?
The tps also fits: Citroen / Fiat / lancia / Peugeot

The airbox filter is a aftermarket air-filter kit with stainless mesh and filter foam, the top ring is alloy tread-plate cut to same size as existing plastic ring with a 90 mm intake compared to the original 65mm intake.

I have 74 hp at the rear wheel now and 59 NM torque, with the correct air fuel ratio, but more important the bike runs flawlessly and is a joy to ride now .

My bike is running standard exhaust ,debaffled and decatted , 90 mm airbox intake
6500102 R1 V2 Norton Dominator Stock.OMEX 630.01N31 map

My recommendation get the power commander if nothing else :)


Ohhhh I too live on the Gold Coast, finally I get a break and don't have to ship/talk/glean/beg/steal/borrow from 10k klms away.....