143MPH 850 MK1 Commando?

Aug 26, 2010
Madnorton said:
Reported in an issue of Motor Cycle from the sixties was a 50cc machine recorded at 114mph - From what I can remember of the article it was a well modified German machine. So a well modified Commando should easily achieve 143mph in the right hands.
It had a full fairing of course. ?
And was SMALL. ?

It only takes ~ 10 hp for a full sized machine and rider to do 60 mph.
So if you fully fairing it, and use a small rider well leaning forward, amazing what can be done ...
May 1, 2013
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I had to ride a 750 Roadster works hack, from Wolverhampton to Bradford. Its top speed was a bit over 105mph, mile after mile. I can't remember what it was revving at except that it didn't seem too high. Based on my completely empirical "cruising speed" formula the revs to make me feel "comfortable" would be 75% of the red line (7,000 rpm?), would have been around 5,250, all you experts out there does that sound somewhere near? As the works hack, this bike got the minimum maintenance so it was probably in need of a good tiddly up.

The 143mph was a reality, as was the 12 and a bit second 1/4 mile claim, that so many have decided is "Poore Propaganda".


Nov 29, 2011
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My 1970 model Fastback did 110 mph on Jamboree Rd. out of Newport Beach in 1977. I had a 22 tooth front sprocket and the tachometer showed 6000 rpm. The engine was cutting out terribly and just wouldn't pull the extra 1000 rpm to reach red line. (I have checked my numbers before and I think it is correct that a 22 tooth front sprocket will give 110mph at 6000 rpm.)

The cool part was the sparks flying about 20 feet out the back of the bike when I stopped at the red light to turn toward home. I vaguely remember the car behind sort of hanging back a bit until the light turned green. :twisted: