T150 Triton

Feb 10, 2018
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Brilliant Chris, thanks so much for pursuing it!

And even better that that these are for getting unit as low as possible, as I had heard that some plates being produced had the unit sitting above the rails, with a consequential negative effect on handling.

I will now go into waiting mode.

Regards Leon
Jul 25, 2010
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Thinking m, as some turkeys who blew a few raygun Trident motors , dropped a T 120 in it , V.c.V. cant be far off .
Thus , the few spacers in the lower bolt change to 4 x 2 & a bottle jack .
Probly ' revise ' the steering head angle this way .Inadvertantly .

A beat up old frame , one wouldnt be too worried . dunno if the olde dewKati 750 GT / S suspension ( also fitted to latert MZ 250 ) wouldnt be to bad .,
Maybe the swing arm fits ?

P-38 B.O.P. / Rover does . Only concern is C'shaft dampner . Pic merely to illustrate Duke swing arm ! . ( and front end ) .