New to 961?

Jan 16, 2015
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Hey up Fellas, just poking around on my new Domi and the O/2 sensors are disconected from the harness with the open Megaphones. I take it needs some resistor plugs for the harness connectors such as dynojet makes? Looks like its got a OMEX ECU, if so any info on where to get them in the USA?
Actually on the Open Megaphone Domi , There was no O2 sensors in the pipes and the factory installed map are designed to run this way (without the sensors plugged in) . So I don't think you need the resistor plugs with that Map loaded and those pipes . However , if you want to go to the other available pipes , mufflers with new map AND want to eliminate the O2 sensors you may want to get the resistor plugs. I got mine from the UK Ebay vendor from the thread on this site.