High Mileage 961

Aug 17, 2015
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BritTwit said:
Raphi that's great!

Make certain to get the EFI remap with the SBN exhaust.

Did you buy the metal Norton (Dominator) headlight shell. or replace the stock one with something else?

I already got a remap for the long open Norton mufflers. I will see first how this one works.
For the lamp: it is a LSL one in black, not Norton. As my bike has a fly screen you cannot see a lot of the shell though...
The LSL lamp is called "Eighties" and looks like the one in the picture 6th from the top.
Sep 17, 2014
I'm at 3,700 mile on my SF after just reaching the end of my first year. I'd have a lot more than that if it wasn't at the dealer for warranty service/repair for the entire summer. The starter failed on me in the spring and the clutch was acting up. In the end Norton replaced both and it's starting and shifting great now, but it took over three months to get the parts from them. Good thing I had other bikes to ride over the summer, but I sure missed her.