Domiracer For Sale ..........?

Sep 18, 2007
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Sent: Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:26 am
From: Dozer
To: lynxnsu

Nice one, Shouldnt need to crash as its only 500 miles door to door so we usually do it in a day (we go every year). Plus theres usually 15 to 20 of us!

If Im on my own Ill be on the 961 and probably crippled, if the other half is with me Ill be on the barge (Road King). :D

You can have a spin on the 961 and let me know what you think.


2014 Commando 961
2013 Triumph Explorer XC
1995 HD Road King
1975 Moto Guzzi T3

sorry but i think you did not get my message when you answered 'yes?' But now you have as your answer is printed above
thanks for the offer of a ride but our Insurance does not cover GB bikes/cars .you have a riders polici,we have a vehikle polici
But i did have a spin on a few 961s as there are 4 in the flanders branch of the noc, i was not over the moon with them but that is not the point,and also not the reason i answered on this thread.
i did reply because i find this new clone (it isn't even a clone) of the domiracer is not what it pretends to be
best of luck with your bike

however my offer stands ,accomodation wise, but not for 20..............
we might meet and discuss this after a ride and a few beers
all the best