TTi oil seal soft crankshaft oil seal

Jan 21, 2008
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Hi all
Lazy I know but out at Donington at the end of the month & going through the bike. I found I have no soft crankshaft oil seals. I previously got these from Steve Maney & don't have a reference. Bunged a hard she'll Andover Norton one in today along with a smear of sealant. The cases have had a bit of grief.
TTi I don't have a spare mainshaft seal for the box! I don't need one haha but someday I will. Unable to read the reference! Any help.
Funny how having a dedicated Norton tool box plus dedicated Norton spares boxes & no sign of the clutch locking washers or the clutch hub extractor tool ( it's on bloody tight on a TTi box.
I only took it off to replace the circlip & shielding spacer!!!!! Lol brain fade the TTi box does away with them. Also found all my spare belts are 920? Built the Rickman so that's the spare sorted! Stuck a 30mm on to run it up. My friend purchased a couple of 40mm 960s & is bringing them to Donington.
Parcels being delivered everyday.
No tyres yet though Ralph