Flow Measurements on Ewarts Fuel Tap

Feb 10, 2009
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A very nice set of taps that was in a box of bits on a purchase.
These are full port, ball valves. No restrictions. Flow very well.
Very well made, smooth action.View attachment 21984View attachment 21985View attachment 21986

Not enough threads for a jamb nut.
Run them up tight, they land where they land.
Like them alot. These are now my preferred taps.
Anyone recognize them?
Here’s something similar.


Yours may be home made, from central heating gas taps.


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Jan 14, 2004
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Are you aware this thread is over slimline tanks that we all know have only one outlet spud?
The second issue is over the off/main/reserve both being on one petcock because again the tanks has only one outlet.
The third issue is that a restrictive low flow rate on single outlet petcocks is detrimental to engine heath at high throttle settings.
No Dave, I didn't realize I had ventured into forbidden territory.
I picked this up on the New Posts link.
And Yes, well aware of the damage at High throttle of fuel starvation.
Which is why I commented the high flow rate of these taps.
I was really inquiring about a source for these taps.
You apparently don't know or won't share.
No worries, I'll simply delete my post and move on, so not to dilute this thread.

TT, thanks for the info.