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Exaust fastening troubles

Discussion in 'Norton Motorcycles (Modern)' started by dimitri, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. dimitri


    Apr 4, 2013
    Hi there, yesterday i removed my exhaust from the 961 sport. And noticed some things worth sharing:

    1) I have the short open pipes. They are stainless and build quality seems good. However, if you drop the bike (even from standing still), the first part hitting the ground is the weld where the exhaust makes the bend. Internally, that part of the silencer is completely hollow. No baffles or reinforcements. So when you drop the bike, it will surely dent. If it was reinforced internally, and you would drop the bike when driving very slow or from standing still, it would in some cases (like mine) be possible to polish the scratches out. I will try to cut the exhaust open, let it be repaired, reinforced and welded back together. Hope it works out.

    2) The cat pipe is also stainless, good quality except for the fixing point at the rear. For stainless, it is far too thin and small. Mine broke. Will have to let it be repaired (don't have the material to weld stainless myself). When i do, i'll make sure the fixing point gets an upgrade.

    3) The clamps are 43-47mm, and they are stainless. But the bolts are not. When fixed, the bolts protrude out of their nut. The protruded piece of bolt rusts and when you try to loosen, it seizes. Be aware when doing exhaust work when you have a bike that sees bad weather like mine, and if you want it to be fixed the same day. I would suggest to have a spare set of clamps available when working on it.

    4) Headers are chromed mild steel, but seem to be good quality. Mine are somewhat dull after 3 years (and washed maybe 3 times), but not rusting. In the past i had to fasten the headers a couple of times. I was thinking it was caused by vibration, but yesterday i found the real cause. The exhaust crush gaskets (41mm I.D. 50mm O.D, measured at the exhaust parts) were completely disintegrated. There was nothing but some aluminum remains in there. It is clear that the remains are from the crush rings, but they were for 90% gone. So, when i fastened my headers in the past, i just compensated for the gasket rotting away. Now, after a few years, the exhaust studs revealed a few mm of thread to be exposed at the elements, corroding and causing the (stainless) nuts to seize. When removing the nuts, 5 out of 6 exhaust studs came out from the head. Not a big problem, but i don't like it that way. I want to replace mine by new steel studs (original size is M8x36mm 1,25mm pitch thread) and copper nuts.

    I found a place – clampcouk.co.uk – that has all the parts for good prices, from stainless clamps, crush rings to studs and copper nuts. But they will not ship to Belgium. They do ship for free to mainland UK.
    Anybody here from uk mainland who can receive and forward a package? Offcourse i will pay for shipping, and if you want, you can keep a bunch of copper nuts (they come in 50-pack), and a few crush rings.
  2. der


    Sep 23, 2013
    You can send them to me Dimitri, I'll message you my address on FB.
  3. dimitri


    Apr 4, 2013
    That's very kind Derek! Thanks!

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