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Burns & Wright .

Discussion in 'Vincent' started by Matt Spencer, May 27, 2019.

  1. Matt Spencer

    Matt Spencer

    Jul 25, 2010

    In 81 Len Perry , the N Z H.R.D. / Vincent Importer ,
    Related how on a trip to England , He had visited
    Amal , for the day. Whislt their top carburator man hand built the carbs ( 1 1/2 G.P.s ? )
    The Lucas . Where their top magneto bloke spent the day building the magneto,
    under Len's eagle eye , for the Burns & Wright Record Attempt .

    Visiting H R D He discussed with Phil Irvine the requirement for the Cylinder Heads .
    And took two days overseeing their machineing and assembly , by you guessed it ,
    Vincents top Head Man .

    And brought these components back to N.Z. , in a suitcase .

    Comment from Burns ( or Wright ) when asked, that He Himself was the Engine Tuner
    snorted Len , were that " He might have set the points . perhaps .
    Len having spent till 2 A.M. for two weeks , after work ,
    fitting and assembling the engine .

    ( This while we were catalouging his remaing stock of new Vincent H.R.D. components .)

    Hios opion was , having roadraced them himself , and built the 51 Hydroplane 1.4 midgit
    8 x 4 ft record holding motor, ( 1951 ? ) Still in his posestion then ,
    was that 90 H.P. on the existing crankshaft mainshaft , was good for 160 mph,
    unstreamlined . a.k.a Pukekohe .
    Also that the shift due to inertia was slow , the selectors prone to bend ,
    if hurried or forced .

    From the Horses Mouth .

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