Bosch parts

Feb 4, 2020
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Fortunately not everything coming from China is poor quality, look at 'Apple' products. As has been said, Japanese goods were once frowned upon in the early days, not now. Let's hope China will follow suit.
Jun 9, 2008
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"There is one ray of hope this for current Norton 961 Commando owners though, in that if Jinlang is indeed the legitimate owners to the engine rights, parts and spares may continue to be found should they be needed."

Quality spares from China are on the way, I'm sure.
This shit storm of bad new from the Norton failure seems to never end.
I really doubt that, the quantity of actual bikes made would suggest that even if they made a spare part for every bike sold, would not hit their minimum quantity to make manufacture viable.
In China they would make 5000 items, and sell 5000 items, the buyer takes the hit on how long it takes to sell them, not the manufacturer.
The last item we enquired about was a MOQ of 15,000 was needed, If anyone thinks China is cheap it has changed, most probably why you can find Chinese firms subbing to UK companies for 5,000 quantities or thereabouts.
China does not solely copy, it tries to improve as well. The 961 engine will not be reproduced but I suspect an improved version of it.