A couple of q's

Sep 23, 2019
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Hi All,

I currently have a spin-on oil filter fitted to my 1970 tr6r triumph ,located on the down tube hidden in behind the left hand side panel. Due to a number of hand surgeries I'm finding the removal/replace of the filter very hard due to my mobility of my hand,as it seems very fiddly and tight for space in there.
Does anyone have their's in a more convenient location ? any idea's apperciated !

Also when changing the primary oil out of the case the oil is very slow to drain out even when very warm. I cant loosen the case screws due to the header being in the way, and header removal seems over kill to change oil. I tried putting the chain tensioner back in and rotated it back and forth and to clear any gunk if blocked , but no difference .
Again, any tips will be appreciated !

Cheers Hendo
May 7, 2005
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I use these on my car as the filter is in an awkward place. You have to get the right one, this is 65mm 14 Flutes Oil Filter.