1. swooshdave

    Norvil Rearsets

    So people just don't like these but I've gotten use to them. If you have a set for a Commando (pre-MkIII) you want to get rid of let me know. Thanks!
  2. ThatZip

    Norvil front disk brake conversions.

    Greetings, Where in the US. might be the most economical source of Norvil-style Lockheed racing front disk brake conversion kits, including all of the necessary parts, to fit my 1975 Commando 850 Mk.IIA Interstate? Many thanks!
  3. cliffa

    Journey into the unknown..

    Hi folks, This weekend I plan to commence the fitment of my Alton starter in combination with the existing Maney outrigger. As I've not stripped a Commando primary before and I have limited imperial sockets could somebody kindly tell me what spanner sizes (or A/F sizes) the clutch and rotor...