norton commando

  1. Stillreel

    Vintage Norton Insurance

    Once again, insurance on the Norton has increased again by another $60 / yr. No claims, no tickets, no accidents yet policy keeps increasing in price. Currently with Dalton Timmins in Ontario Canada. Wondering what / who other Canadians out there are using to provide insurance coverage. Time...
  2. phliper

    Norton 1974 won’t start

    Hi, I tried to start my norton after some work on it. Spark plugs are good, carb freshly cleaned up. I got spark, but the kickstart kicks back. My battery shows 11.9 volts after 2 minutes with the headlight test. Should I change my battery? Thanks! Phil
  3. John Studden's Norton Commando MK3

    John Studden's Norton Commando MK3