1. Samuel Whittle

    Gearbox outer case assembly Clearance

    Hi everyone, I am reassembling an outer gearbox cover on a 72 Commando. The old one fits fine but was all banged up so I ordered a new one from Andover Norton, I know the assembly was exactly as before but now it is not clearing the clutch cable lever (it was before). Could the outer gearbox...
  2. Dances with Shrapnel

    NOVA racing gear boxes

    Looking for any and all information on NOVA race gear boxes for vintage Norton bikes.
  3. B+Bogus

    T160 lazy gearchange

    Freshly rebuilt T160, no discernible damage to the gearbox when I fitted it, but have to confess I wasn't looking very closely. If I'm just cruising it goes up the gearbox just fine, but if I'm trying to do a quick shift I sometimes miss 3rd gear. Similarly, on down-changes when dropping from...
  4. Gearbox identification

    The '68 Norton project (identified through engine and frame serial number) I've purchased has a gearbox with the following stamped on it 307723 Z. Out of all the Norton parts books I've looked through I can't find what year it is from or if it is even a Norton gearbox. Looking for help...
  5. Richard Dodds

    Gearbox neutral switch

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help with the following query? I am having trouble fitting a new gearbox neutral switch to my Mk3 Commando. The new switch appears to be longer than the old Lucas one, it will not fit square on to the gearbox hole as the gap between the gearbox shell and...