1. PopsRacer

    Taillight housing

    Any thoughts on a replacement taillamp assembly for a P11? My P11 only has the wiring taped off. No housing, electrical, etc. A lot of people are saying that the new LED kits don't work on old brit bikes because of the positive ground electrical.
  2. Fast Eddie

    Wiring tips n tricks...?

    Gents, I will shortly be entering the dark underworld of motorcycle wiring. The wiring on my Commando was pretty dire, and as I was going down a none standard route, I decided it best to bin the lot and start from scratch. I've got a 3 phase alternator, combined rectifier control unit job...
  3. Niagara850

    Electrical Connector updates

    Going thru my wiring to improve grounds and looking for potential issues. When riding I get a complete miss every once in a while like everything dies for a split second and and the spark seems weak on the right side , I have slight missing the right cylinder too. Having gone thru the carbs...