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Access Norton VIP Members:

If you are signing up for a VIP for the first time please visit this link:
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THANK YOU for being a VIP member. It really helps with the forum expenses.

If you are an existing VIP member (prior to May 2020) and wish to review your invoices, update your credit card or open a support ticket, please login to your secure billing area here:

VIP member Benefits:

  • Can view members map
  • Can view members online
  • Can search conversations
  • Can start a conversation from a post
  • Can upload a cover photo to your profile
  • No advertising banners when you login
  • 500 MB of space to host photos and other docs
  • Bypass user content tag limit
  • Bypass the search flood check
  • Bypass spam check
  • Upload attachments to posts
  • Upload attachments to conversations
  • Allow extended text formatting in signature
  • Allow links in signature
  • Allow more lines in signature
  • View profile posts
  • Like profile posts
  • Add media to gallery
  • No time limit editing media and auto save
  • Crop and adjust media
  • Create photos albums and upload images
  • Bypass image watermarks
  • Extended time on editing comments in gallery
  • Tag members in media by anyone
  • Bypass approval when creating tags of others
  • Maximum Items Per Upload is 20
  • Can bookmark posts/ threads
  • Get a shiny badge
  • Support the forum. Keep these bikes on the road

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(Free to cancel at any time - Thanks for the support!)
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    Nov 13, 2017
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