Matchless g12 Exhaust

Nov 3, 2014
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Hi Everyone,
I have a G12 with 2 into 1 exhaust ,A new system
but the left hand engine pipe keeps coming out .
The old system had a piece of wire tied around the pipe and
the down tube of the frame.
Is there a better way to stop the pipe from coming out.
Cheers Steve AU.
Jan 27, 2008
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Is this pipe a copy of the G12CSR exhaust, say a model circa 1960? I don't know much about them but I think the left side crossed in front of the downtubes and clamped into a 'Y' on the right side. if the clamps are all tight and everything is properly aligned, the exhaust should be tight.

I've helped on a couple of 2-into-1 and a few 3-into-4-into-2 (Tridents), and the trick is to assemble everything loose, make sure the exhausts are home in their ports with the help of a leather or rubber mallet, and then tighten everything, front to back.

A slight mis-bend on a reproduction pipe can make the job a nightmare. I've had to tweak the pipes on 3 of my bikes to get everything to work, and those are all simple straight-run dual exhaust, but also all reproductions.

The 4th bike still has its original exhaust.