LED bulbs for Turn Signals

Dec 1, 2015
I read on this forum about installing an LED bulb for the 961 tail/stop lamp, so I installed it and it is much brighter. So I researched doing the same thing for the turn signals. The 7507 LED's are a little expensive costing U.S.$15 each. It turns out that I don't really need an in-line resistor - the turn signal LED bulbs stay lit for about half a second and flash at a normal rate, but I actually prefer this rhythm to the original incandescent bulbs which stay lit for a shorter time (more strobe-like). The LED's are noticeably brighter than the original bulbs.
The web site is: https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinf ... ributes/16

If you like the original flashing interval, the in-line resistor can be purchased for $5 at the bottom of the web page - you need one for each bulb, but they are rather bulky. During installation of the LED bulb it's better to completely remove the reflector from the turn signal holder and disconnect the 2 wires; also handle with a soft cloth as the reflector scratches easily. When removing the original bulb, turn anti-clockwise about 10 degrees as usual, then slowly and gently wiggle the bulb to remove, as it's quite a tight fit. As with the original bulb, the LED one has a tower with pins offset by about 150 degrees rather than the usual 180, so make sure the alignment is correct - the LED goes in easier than the original bulb. The only issue is that the top of the LED bulb touches the clear plastic covering lens, but as it doesn't heat up and is only lit sporadically, I don't believe this will be a problem.
Sep 28, 2015
The flash rate of the motorcycle indicators as supplied from Norton is as specified by the governing bodies of the country of import. Please chcek your local regulations before altering these else you may be breaking the law.