Huntington Beach Ca, Vintage meet monthly.

Sep 21, 2009
Every 2nd Sunday of the month there is a Vintage bike meet with best of show prize (crowd favorite) averages about 100 bikes of all types from "K" ustom mini bikes to last months winner Greg Mcbrides 1955 Vincent Black Prince. Starts at 2:00 pm and goes on till 4:00 pm. Address is Beach Burgers, 19102 beach blvd, Huntington Beach , ca. Thanks to the owner June Lee. Every 2nd Sunday of the month. One good thing is it's just south of Garfield and only a mile or so from the Pacific ocean & Pacific Coast Hwy so a nice ride up the coast to the Rock store or South to any of the mountain roads like the 74, are a good thing first & end up at the meet or after.