Dominator ss

Nov 17, 2015
Hello all,
Just joined the forum.
I'm a Ducati guy, but have bought a Dominator ss after seeing the first pictures and riding a 961 cafe racer.
I live in Australia and after waiting for the bike to be built and shipped it has sat in Sydney for the last 6 weeks? My dealer cannot tell me when I will get my mitts on it.
I emailed the importers ( who are also Norton dealers, but not in my state ) to enquire were the hell my bike was and was referred back to my dealer. I politely told them he didn't know as you hadn't told him, hence our conversation!
pretty poor I reckon as I was asked to pay for the bike in full when it arrived 6 weeks ago and the importers put another $3000 on top of my already signed and deposit paid contract.
Anyhow, has any received one yet and have you managed to quiet down the megaphones.
Nov 6, 2015
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Wonder if they're having issues with Australia's ADR rules. NZ bikes which come via the Aussie distributor appear to be flowing through, albeit only one so far. I have asked a few questions which apparently have to go to Norton via the Aussie importer. I'll be mightily pissed of if I discover a bottleneck is occurring in Australia.

There were significant delays for the Commando due to ADR issues according to this article ... australia/