A Norton Addict : Part 2

May 30, 2008
Let's read the second part of Jean des Rosiers story's, our Cousin from Quebec. This week you 'll understand why his bike isn't just another Norton story...

In 2006, I went to the vintage races at the Mosport Ontario track; I spotted a nice looking Atlas built café racer style. It had clubman bars, rear sets; the tank was painted like the old Manxes in grey with black pin striping. It had its faults, but nonetheless looked good.

I had a Featherbed frame (the one from the '68 Atlas) stashed deep in my brother’s basement in which I had plans to install an Ariel 500cc single, that project was put away when I raised my family. Even though it was almost complete, the thought of building a nice Atlas and better still an Atlas café racer was in my mind from that day on.
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