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Oct 19, 2005
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[ya don't want to know who sent this to me]

Im behind the times, I dont do facebook, instagram, twitter or any of those other new fangled modern things. I dont own a crackberry, dumbfone or IFruit. I have an old style flip phone if i need to call or receive when not at work or home, otherwise i prefer a desktop computer. (I know! kids laugh at me, I also think XP is just fine,why upgrade?)

But perhaps i might have to join the modern digital age, To keep up to date on the Norton 961 trip, it appears the best way is Twitter. The irony is Dave, who is riding cross country on the bike, is about as tech savvy as I am, but his Son Richard will be updating, and they are going to track his progress with a GPS locator APP. Dave tells me they did this on his trip from Canada to Texas. Everytime he stopped,,, (Oh no!!! Did he break down?) they were notified,
Dave also told me Norton UK and Garner the CEO watched and monitored his trip. Which is interesting.

So, In a weird cyber world, and slightly stalker territory, you can also sign up for Stuart Garners Twitter feed, and get his thoughts, and random tweets. He is following 452 others and has just over 5000 followers. see: https://twitter.com/norton_ceo
So interesting to see the new releases and developments,,, so its probably worth signing up for that if you have interest.

Or, get updates on whats happening at Donnington Hall as they seem to have some cool pictures and, well, dont we all want to keep up to date? Nice pictures of snowscape on the grounds.. See: https://twitter.com/derbyshirelife/stat ... 0831208448

Theres also a site for the companion property is South Africa, and its available for weddings, vacations or corporate retreats. They have a game preserve, no word on if they allow you to ride the Zebras, but they have them.

But more to the point,,, Sign up for Richards tweets to get the latest news and updates on the upcoming ride.


Sep 23, 2013
I used Twitter in the last year of waiting for my 961 to keep up to date with what was going on at Donington via Garners Twitter account. Then after delivery I've reluctantly used it to direct message him regarding getting my bike sorted without too much of a delay.
I had frame and tank issues as the bike came close to it's 2nd birthday and I used a "Man with a van" to send it back for sorting. Norton said bring it down to Donny Saturday morning, Van man rings me Sat morning to tell me he's been at Donny 30mins and can't find anyone about! doors are all open, he's walked all around the service dept then gone over to the sales site and gone upstairs and all around but there's nobody home, what ya want me to do? he says! jeez I almost said fill the van with bikes lol. I tweeted Garner and within 10 mins he was there helping Van man unload my bike :lol:
I've 'signed up' yesterday for Richards tweets and look forward to reading them.
Jan 5, 2014
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"Fill the van with bikes".....good one. In my neck of the woods, they'd be cleaned out in no time flat. :roll: