018601 Footrest

Jan 19, 2012
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For those of you looking for a replacement part, Walridge had 200 pc. made some time ago. In powdercoated finish they were selling for C$60.45 in Fabruary this year. AMOC Parts Service stocks them too, at a higher price naturally.

The design employed by the factory isn't particularly good. The contact area between the square rod bolt and the inverse spline pattern being rather small leads to premature wear on the splines (teeth). I have been looking at some alternative designs. BSA had a better design with two large vertical toothed discs interlocking. Kawasaki has (or had) a footrest very similar to AMC but milled a transverse slot on the inside of the boss. I will take a closed look at how they provided rotation capability of the footrest.

Anyone having looked into this?